Cucire la pietra con la pietra: TICORAPSIMO system - Experimental campaign on consolidation of specimens of multi-wall surface with the TICORAPSIMO system. Compression and compression/shear tests against the activation of the kinematical vertical bending

Place: Università Politecnica delle Marche - Ancona (AN)


A.h.R.T.E. deal with design and assistance in the execution of construction work using the exclusive TICORAPSISMO ® system.

TICORAPSIMO ® system is an innovative technique about the application methods and used materials. TICORAPSIMO ® uses basalt flexible continuous stitching fiber for consolidation and strengthening of historical masonry.

A.h.R.T.E. also provides consulting services to integrate the application of this technology in global design of restoration and strengthening of existing building. For many reasons every historical building is unique and requires customized treatment. A.h.R.T.E.'s purpose is designing of individual solution for buildings considering peculiarities that may results unique in their kind. Design and customized treatment for every building: "Tailored Engineering" approach transposed to engineering world that allows huge saving of time and resource compared to traditional operative modalities.

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Cucire la pietra con la pietra: TICORAPSIMO system

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