As an academic Spin Off, A.h.R.T.E. is a reality aimed as an economic engagement to the results of university research. Its aim as a “support structure” is to ease the transfer of technological knowledge developed in the academic world to the industrial world. As an expert in the field of conservation and strengthening of buildings with historical, cultural and architectural values, A.h.R.T.E. s.r.l. focused on the recovery and on the seismic improvements of buildings (also monumental) through “tailored engineering”: interventions to strength and give security to any buildings, intervening in a targeted manner, optimizing the resources and increasing the safety of the structures. .

To carry out its goal A.h.R.T.E. s.r.l. is to attend exclusive design and assistance in the execution of construction with TICORAPSIMO® system, which is an innovative technique not only for the way in which it is used, but also for the materials employed to fulfill successfully the work (basalt fibers for the recovery and strengthening of historical masonry)..

A.h.R.T.E. s.r.l. address to individual architects and engineers, businesses and government agencies with the aim to provide advisory services into the overall field of Civil Engineering: conception, design, testing and refinement of innovative systems and technologies to be used in the recovery, preservation and strengthening of existing buildings.







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